Nonprofit Job Search Toolkit

Job searches can be stressful and overwhelming. It may turn out that you didn’t know the secret protocol around the job search process (yes, interview thank you notes are a thing!) or that the advice you’ve received doesn’t really work for the nonprofit sector. You need help, but it’s hard to justify hiring a career coach when you are in-between jobs and aren’t anticipating a large salary.

That’s why Do Better Consulting developed this toolkit. We consolidated the resources, processes, and tools that we bring to our coaching clients and are offering them to you. The toolkit includes a wide array of guidance documents, samples, and templates addressing:

  • how to approach a job search so that you get the kind of job you really want;
  • how to use LinkedIn in your job search;
  • interview preparation, including how to respond to common questions; and
  • how to evaluate a job offer and resign from your current job with grace.

Also, you will receive three hours of personal coaching time with us to focus on your most pressing concerns.

Do Better Consulting has participated in dozens of talent searches on behalf of organizations and through clients and our own personal experience, worked on hundreds of nonprofit job applications from entry-level to executive. We understand the needs on both sides of the equation. We’re happy to share the tools that you need to have a fulfilling career in nonprofits.

How this works

  1. Purchase your toolkit below.
  2. We will email you the .zip file, introductory video, and a scheduling link.
  3. Review the materials and identify where you’d like more support.
  4. Schedule an introductory virtual session with us.
  5. We meet, you talk about what guidance you need and, if appropriate, we schedule future check-ins for your other hours.

Nonprofit Job Search Toolkit


Restrictions/caveats: We are not financial or legal professionals and therefore cannot advise on those topics. We would be happy to introduce you to people who can better answer those questions, but their time is not covered by your toolkit purchase.

Consulting hours must be used within 12 months of toolkit purchase. All consulting time is virtual, provided through Zoom, phone, and email.