The survey is now live – click here to participate!

Do Better Consulting is surveying consultants who work with nonprofits about their income, fees, and payment structures. Our simple questionnaire is less than 30 questions and asks for some background information about you, your business revenue, your compensation, and rates specific to nonprofits (if you serve other types of clients). We are looking for ranges, not exact figures.

We estimate that this survey will take 15-20 minutes of your time to complete. It will be open and available for responses from January 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021. We expect that it will take a few months to review and analyze the data, which will be released in Summer 2021. There will likely be a free executive summary, but we will charge for the full report and data.

How can I help?

If you are a consultant who:

  • has some nonprofit clients or works exclusively with nonprofits
  • only does consulting or who does some consulting work on the side
  • works with other consultants or works independently
  • just started as a consultant or has years of experience

we hope that you will complete the survey. If you know consultants who fit this profile, please forward them the survey and ask them to consider completing it.

If neither of those situations apply to you, but you still want to do something, contact us.

Why did you decide to do this?

As nonprofit consultants, we realized that:

  1. Most consultants don’t know what their competitors charge. Just like not knowing the salary in your field, this tends to exacerbate inequity, so people from historically disadvantaged backgrounds get paid less even when they are more qualified.
  2. Most nonprofits don’t know enough about consultants’ rates to budget for a project. Without the right budget and expectations, consultant-led projects can (and most likely, will) fail. That’s a waste of money and effort and it leads to a lack of trust between consultants and nonprofits. That’s not good for any of us.

Increasing transparency about consultant fees can help us all make a living at doing the work to which we are uniquely qualified and supporting the missions that improve our communities.

Who are you?

We are Do Better Consulting, a nonprofit consulting firm that focuses on operations and fundraising for small organizations. We saw a need and decided to fill it. If you’re interested in partnering with us on this project, contact us.

How are you going to use my information?

All information gathered in this survey will be presented anonymously. Any information that you offer in the survey – including comments – will be considered data for the report. If you participate, we are offering you a free version of the full report, so there is an option to give us your email address – we will remove this information from the data set before we analyze the other information, so your answers will not be identifiable.

Is this going to be a regular thing?

Honestly, we are going to have to see. In a perfect world, we would do this annually and report rates from around the world, compare to survey results from nonprofits who use consultants, and regularly provide resources to improve working relationships between consultants and nonprofits. But this is our first time, so we are considering this a pilot project and won’t make any decisions until we have a chance to reflect on the report and its usefulness to the field. (Does that “perfect world” scenario sound like something you’d like to invest in? Contact us!)