We here at Do Better Consulting love to work with small and start-up organizations in order to help you function at a higher level. We split our services into two main categories: fundraising and operations. With the recognition that our work will have limited impact unless we are involved at the beginning, strategic stages, we focus on providing services only after we have gone through strategy sessions with you.

Fundraising Strategy

Developing an effective fundraising strategy and annual/semi-annual plans is crucial to the long-term success of your organization. Although it can seem like a distraction from your mission-focused work, done well, fundraising can be an important way to develop partnerships, engage your community, and hold yourself accountable to the needs of your community.

Empower your board, staff, and volunteers to raise funds for your mission.

Capital Campaigns
Create and implement a multiyear plan to establish your infrastructure.

Ongoing Support
Manage and execute your fundraising plan and make regular recommendations.

Operations Strategy

If you’re a big idea person, the details can be a total drag. You understand that you need to figure out how an office works, hire people, manage projects, and even manage your calendar, but you have so many other things that you’d rather be doing, that you can see that make an impact on your mission. Let Do Better help establish and run your operations to ensure your present and future success.

Staff Recruitment Hire the right staff for the right time in your organization’s growth.

Hiring Strategy Develop the materials you need to hire the help you need.

Ongoing Support Manage and execute your operations plan on a regular basis.

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