Most people get into nonprofits because they love the mission and want to make a difference in the world. However, as a nonprofit, you are expected (and at a certain level, required) to be more transparent and more effective with your operations. A lack of attention to how your organization functions can undermine the success that you may see in your programs. Therefore, Do Better starts with an organizational review and develops an operational strategy.

This strategy will include:

  • Aligned strategy across all departments and programs
  • Organizational chart and communication map
  • Clear job and role descriptions
  • Operations manual and staff review
  • Recommendations for policy adoption, infrastructure investments, and staff growth

The time and resources needed to develop an effective strategy will vary from organization to organization. Do Better will base our proposal on what we learn in our discovery process.

Staff recruitment

Now that you know how your organization will work, you need to hire people to do that work. Hiring staff can be time intensive, especially for leaders who are already pulled in multiple directions. Do Better will work with you to develop and implement your hiring strategy to find the right person for your team.

Hiring strategy

If you’d like to be more hands-on with your search, Do Better can help you develop a strategy for how to find and evaluate qualified, diverse candidates.

Ongoing support

Implementing and enforcing new organizational procedures can be difficult for staffs that are already overextended. Do Better can be contracted through monthly retainers to help you implement your strategy until you have the capacity to hire dedicated staff. All services will be provided virtually.

Please note that with all hiring and recruitment work, Do Better Consulting will only work with organizations that advertise salary ranges and adopt anti-racist screening, interviewing, and hiring practices.

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