Over years of experience, we have found that when fundraising isn’t working, it’s because there’s something misaligned in the strategy. So now, that’s where we like to start in order to ensure that we can provide you with support that can actually help your organization grow.

In particular, we will help you develop a strategy that includes:

  • Cohesion between the organizational, programmatic, and fundraising priorities
  • Impact-focused programmatic structure
  • Realistic expectations for the organization’s staffing and resources
  • Systems that support effective donor communication and cultivation
  • Involvement from the communities you serve

The time and resources needed to develop a winning strategy will vary from organization to organization. Do Better will base our proposal on what we learn in our discovery process.


Once you have a strategy in place, your board and staff need to know how to implement it. Do Better will develop and lead virtual training according to the strategy we develop. This may include donor cultivation, direct solicitation, planning, or grant/foundation relations.

Capital campaigns

Do Better Consulting partners with Johanna Gurland Associates to provide capital campaign support. Please contact us for more information.

Ongoing support

If your organization does not have the staffing needed in order to achieve your fundraising goals, Do Better can be contracted through monthly retainers to help you implement your strategy until you are able to hire dedicated staff. All services will be provided virtually.

Interested in our Development Department toolkit instead? Learn more here.

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