Grantwriting + institutional research: $500-1,250


Restrictions: private foundations proposals only, 12 pages or less. At this time, we can only draft proposals for general operating costs or existing projects unless we have worked with your organization in the past.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks (rush jobs may incur extra fees)

What we’ll need from you: Access to lead fundraising/program staff; previous proposals (if available); organization and project descriptions; evaluation information; and organizational/project budgets

What you should expect from us: Editable drafts of proposals/applications ready to submit to funders, with submission instructions, including a list of attachments. More than two rounds of edits may incur additional costs.

Click here for sample proposals we have written.

Institutional funder research

Timeline: 4-6 weeks

What we’ll need from you: Detailed organization/project descriptions and budgets; fundraising strategy documents (if available); meeting time with fundraising leadership to discuss priorities

What you should expect from us: Spreadsheet detailing institution’s contact information, funding interests, alignment with your mission, and suggested next steps.

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