Resume & Other Document Writing

Cover letter: $75

We will help you draft a template of a cover letter to use for your job search, which will be embedded with tips on how to personalize for each position.

LinkedIn: $100

These days, you have to have a presence on LinkedIn to be taken seriously. We’ll help you draft your profile and provide guidance on how to best leverage your contacts for future job success.

Entry Level Resume: $150

This is intended for people with three years of professional experience or less. You are just getting started in your career, and we will help you present your skills and experience in the best light in order to continue down the path of career success. This will include a phone call and an introductory coaching session.

Mid-level+ Resume: $200

This is intended for people with more than three years of professional experience. You not only want to show what you have done but what you are capable of.  This will require a bit more in-depth examination of your experience and career goals. It will include a phone call and coaching session so we can best reflect your experience.

Timeline: Approximately one week for each document

What we’ll need from you: Copies of any current cover letters, resumes, or profiles, and sample job listings that interest you. If you don’t have any such documents, we will need at least a 30-minute consultation to gather information.

What you should expect from us: A document that accurately represents your background and interests in Word/Pages/Google Docs and PDF. More than two revisions may incur extra costs.

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